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"Meeting Tish was like kismet, meant to be. Right place, right time. Tish was patient and listened to this one misbelief that consumed most of my adult life.(I believed that I could never be successful writing because my mum told me so). I was blown away by her astute questions to my misbelief on this and we were able to nip that a lot more quickly than I ever imagined by working through a few exercises. I felt comfortable working with her and if you needed someone to support you, have your back and sort out your issues, Tish is the one."


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"The breakthrough session I had with Tish was really very helpful and insightful and helped me a lot. She was able to guide me properly and make me realise my potential and regain my confidence. It was really a wonderful experience."

V, India.

Hey Lovely….

  • Do you want to take the next steps to gaining more confidence?
  • Do you want to eliminate your negative and limiting beliefs that are holding you back?
  • Do you want to feel good about yourself and increase your self-belief?
  • Do you want to receive group coaching in a supportive environment?

Then this programme is for you!

I was going through a particularly hard period when I was struggling with my self-belief and confidence amongst other things. Tish helped me reflect and think about different areas of my life in a very simple but very effective way. She encouraged me to take a step back and figure out what it was I wanted and gave me some strategies of coping with those negative thoughts and transforming my outlook into a positive one."

Frankie, Lincoln, UK.

This programme is right for you if….

  • you are ready and committed to taking the next steps to building your confidence.
  • you have specific goals that you want to achieve.
  • you're tired of feeling defeated, anxious and low because of a lack of confidence.
  • you are ready to step out of your comfort zone to get the results you want.

I was a bit apprehensive before the session and a bit uncomfortable at the start until we got into it a bit further and Tish put me at ease with the way she conducted the session.

Tish was able to identify some issues I have been struggling with and then I was able to open up to her as she could not only see how I was, she could feel it as well.

-C, Ireland.

What you should look for when you are purchasing a programme and choosing a coach…

  • a mentor who is walking the walk, and demonstrating confidence and resilience
  • a leader who you will gel and click with, and would like to spend time with, who inspires and motivates you
  • a trainer who is an open book and shares everything with you
  • leads a supportive and positive community of like-minded people who are on a personal development journey, especially for developing confidence

This is what you get in the Fear To Freedom Rebuild Your Confidence Mastermind with Tish Hawken 

"I feel so much better for having this session and the breakthrough for me was that I am no longer going to hold back from what I want to do."

C. Ireland

"Tish is the one"


  • 10 weeks of training, exercises and information in a private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access including all course updates.
  • Audio's, videos, information sheets and workbooks
  • A 2 hour 1:1 breakthrough session with Tish personally
  • If you pay in full you will receive an extra one hour 1:1 session
  • Weekly live training with 2 live Q&A sessions every week via zoom.
  • Guest Expert appearances by respected industry mentors
  • Membership to Graduates Facebook Group community, once you have completed the programme

Tish does not do the work for you but gives you the tools to work on yourself and move forward. I'm so grateful to have met this amazing lady.

— Frankie, UK

What is the cost?

The full cost of the 10-week programme is £999£.££££

Pay in full or spread over 3 payments for your convenience.

Pay in full and you will receive an extra one hour 1:1 session with Tish

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Select from Pay In Full Or Pay In Instalments

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How long will this programme take me? 

It's 10 weeks, so you need to be committed to completing the tasks and watching the trainings over that time. You'll get lifetime access to the group, so you can complete at your leisure if you wish but you will miss out on Tish's lives to answer your questions.

How quickly will I rebuild confidence?

That depends on many factors: your desire to succeed, if you do the work etc, it's perfectly possible for you to build significant confidence by following me and my steps. Although I expect you to have realistic expectations. It's your responsibility to do the work and mine to deliver the training and coaching.

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"It was a tough decision as its a lot of money to me so I was nervous. As soon as I started reading the content it gave me direction and confidence. It's been really informative and helpful. I dip in and out of the content when I need to which is great. So much content too. I would say just do it ”

Hosted by Tish Hawken

  • Founder of Fear to Freedom Rebuild Your Confidence Mastermind
  • No1. Best Selling Author of 'Grit-School' overcoming your biggest obstacles to achieve your greatest success
  • Tish is a life-coach with 10-years in the field
  • A former psychological practitioner, therapeutic practitioner and counsellor
  • Tish also works as a volunteer for a mental health organisation in Abu Dhabi and delivers talks for large organisations in the UAE.

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