Hi! Join this FREE TRAINING EVENT and spend 5 days with me when I will starts you on your journey of smashing your limiting beliefs which are causing you a confidence crisis in any area of your life: personal, career or business.

Beginning to raise your self-belief, confidence levels and weeding out those negative thinking patterns that are holding you back are crucial to your success.

The challenge will run from Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September inclusive - get registered now and you will be the first to know when we are ready to get started!


This Challenge is for you if…..

  • Your confidence has hit an all-time low in recent weeks and months.
  • You're ready to take responsibility for your own confidence levels and smash those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You're tired of feeling defeated, low and anxious.
  • You're ready and committed to doing whatever it takes to restore your confidence!
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Hosted by Tish Hawken

  • Founder of "Fear to Freedom Coaching" 
  • No.1 Best Selling Author of 'Grit School - Overcoming Your Biggest Personal Obstacles to Achieve Your Greatest Success'
  • Tish is a Personal Development Mentor and Lifecoach with 10 years experience in the field.
  • A former Psychological Practitioner, Therapeutic Practitioner and Counsellor, Tish also works with large Corporations to deliver personal development talks.


Meeting Tish was like kismet, meant to be. Right place, right time. Tish was patient and listened to this one misbelief that consumed most of my adult life.(I believed that I could never be successful writing because my mum told me so). I was blown away by her astute questions to my misbelief on this and we were able to nip that a lot more quickly than I ever imagined by working through a few exercises. I felt comfortable working with her and if you needed someone to support you, have your back and sort out your issues, Tish is the one."


"The breakthrough session I had with Tish was really very helpful and insightful and helped me a lot. She was able to guide me properly and make me realise my potential and regain my confidence. It was really a wonderful experience."

V, India.- Garth (Sparr, FL)

In this FREE five day training and challenge:

  • You will learn how to start targeting your limiting beliefs which are holding you back.
  • You will learn different ways to help improve your confidence levels and in turn improve your situation.
  • Every day I will share a live video training and give you a small task for you to complete.
  • Every evening there will be a live Q&A where I will answer specific questions from you on that day's training. I will give you the benefit of my 10 years of professional therapeutic and coaching knowledge.
  • We will have fun along the way!
  • All the information I will be sharing with you in this event is completely FREE.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn more about my one to one, bespoke coaching. 

“ I was going through a particularly hard period when I was struggling with my self-belief and confidence amongst other things. Tish helped me reflect and think about different areas of my life in a very simple but very effective way. She encouraged me to take a step back and figure out what it was I wanted and gave me some strategies of coping with those negative thoughts and transforming my outlook into a positive one.

Tish does not do the work for you but gives you the tools to work on yourself and move forward. I'm so grateful to have met this amazing lady."

Frankie, Lincoln, UK.” 

"I was a bit apprehensive before the session and a bit uncomfortable at the start until we got into it a bit further and Tish put me at ease with the way she conducted the session.

Tish was able to identify some issues I have been struggling with and then I was able to open up to her as she could not only see how I was, she could feel it as well.

I feel so much better for having this session and the breakthrough for me was that I am no longer going to hold back from what I want to do."

C, Ireland.